Youth Employment Advocacy! Initiative

In a joint ceremony, representatives from the Pacific Youth Council (PYC), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) launched the Youth Employment Advocacy Initiative (YEA!) at last week’s Pacific Youth and Sports Conference in Noumea, New Caledonia (Dec 2 – 7).

Click here for the PDF copy of the Youth Employment Advocacy! Initiative

The joint initiative is the culmination of work carried out since the 2010 Youth Leaders Meeting in Samoa resulting in Tuesday’s launch of the Youth Employment Initiative, comprising of an advocacy guide and DVD.

The advocacy guide is a manual designed to assist young people, youth groups and youth-led organisations advocate for issues they feel are important and deserve to be on national, regional or international agendas.

‘It is one of the Pacific Youth Council’s priority to see the equipping of young people and our member councils with the skills and knowledge necessary to advocate for their issues in their countries,’ explains Manasa Vatanitawake, PYC Board Member.

‘The YEA Initiative is clustered into three areas; the first section looks at what advocacy and the best time to carry out this tool. The second section follows a real-life example of an advocacy initiative and finally it introduces the basic tools that can be used by young people in their advocacy work.

‘Our hope is to see young people from all over the Pacific using the guide to advocate for and lobby their governments on the issues that are most important to them.’

The guide follows the real-life journey of a group of passionate young people who successfully advocated for the inclusion of youth employment onto the agenda of the 2011 Pacific Forum Leader’s Meeting.

‘What we believed to be our successful advocacy efforts, it is only appropriate that we document the process so that other young people could follow in our footsteps,’ says Manasa.

‘We hope that young people will not only see but reflect deeply on the trail of our (PYC) journey – with the optimism that this will inspire them to act on issues faced in their home countries.

Representatives from the Pacific Youth Council attended the week-long Pacific Youth and Sports Conference where they delivered two interactive workshops aimed at encouraging young people to become active citizens in their communities.

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